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Peer Review Process

The editor shall ensure that the peer review process is fair, unbiased, and timely. All the manuscripts received to ATRS journal are allocated to a relevant member of the Editorial board, who decides whether the paper should go forward to peer review. Those that do not will be returned at this stage; we make every effort to do this as quickly as possible (usually within 10 days). Papers sent out for review will, typically, be assessed by at least two or three independent reviewers. and where necessary the Editor-in-Chief should seek additional opinions. It will be double-blind review that the authors’ information must not be declared to the reviewer and the reviewers are not revealed to the authors.

Authors may also nominate potential reviewers, but we do not guarantee that these individuals will be invited to review. A maximum of 6 weeks are given to reviewers to review the manuscript.

The editor shall select reviewers who have suitable expertise in the relevant field, taking account of the need for appropriate, inclusive and diverse representation. The editor shall follow best practice in avoiding the selection of fraudulent peer reviewers. The Editor-in-Chief shall review all disclosures of potential conflicts of interest and suggestions for self-citation made by reviewers in order to determine whether there is any potential for bias.

All prospective authors must read the Journal Ethics used by ATRS Journal in the Research Integrity tab.

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